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Due to my success with Chapter 11 cases, a number of California attorneys with Chapter 11 cases have called me to consult on their cases in order to achieve successful confirmations. This is due to the fact that they are not experienced in Chapter 11 cases and are facing imminent dismissal of their cases if they can’t get some professional help from an experienced Chapter 11 case.

One such referral really stands out in my memory. I was sitting in a local restaurant in Tustin Ranch, California during Happy Hour with my glass of red wine since my work day was concluded. The phone rang and I innocently answered it only to find out that it was a call from a very distressed attorney who had his office in Sacramento, California but was representing a Chapter 11 client in San Diego, California. I learned immediately that he couldn’t get the case confirmed. In fact, the Judge had issued an “Order to Show Cause Re Dismssal” in his case. This is legaleze for the fact that the Judge was telling him that he would dismiss the Chapter 11 case if that attorney couldn’t file effective documents, understand the procedure, and get the case prepped for final confirmation. I told that attorney that I would review his file and consult with him IF I thought that I could help with his case.

As it turns out, after file review, I learned that the case was confirmable IF the right paperwork with the right legal theories and strategies were used. I agreed to consult with him on his San Diego case. I was able to get the case turned around so it could be confirmed. It involved real estate in various states around the country. We re-valued each piece of real estate and made these assets affordable to retain. We successfully confirmed this case within the next year…This was another Chapter 11 success story. story! If you are an attorney who can’t properly handle your Chapter 11 case, call me immediately for consultation at 714-319-3446.