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Some Success Stories

With Court Approval, I stripped off a $1.0 million loan from a client’s industrial property which reduced the monthly mortgage payment by approximately 40%.   With Court Approval, I “crammed down” a client’s mortgage on one of her rental properties from $625,000. to $380,000. (a $245,000. reduction) which greatly reduced her monthly mortgage payment.   […]

Some Recent Testimonials

Testimonial #1: “I just want you to know how much Laura and I appreciate your skill, intellect, and ability in helping us out of an endless battle we have been in for years. I know we aren’t done but today you shined brightly.” Brad S., San Juan Capistrano, CA.   Background: In this case, I […]

How Chapter 11 Can Save Your Financial Life

I have met with so many clients and seen so very many different types of situations, but a common component in virtually all of them is that there is some judgment, some expensive property, or some expensive equipment which makes the monthly budget very difficult to satisfy and very difficult to maintain on a positive […]

The Consequences of a Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 Case

First, a Chapter 7 Debtor has no minimum financial limits to file a case. The debt or debts can be minimal and there is no upward cap either. It is possible of course to incur millions of dollars of debt, both secured and unsecured. You can get rid of all of this debt with the […]

Important Differences Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11

I. How to Treat Repayment of Unsecured Debts (Not Secured on Property)   First, the primary purpose of Chapter 7 is to eliminate and get rid of your debts. The primary purpose of Chapter 11 is to reorganize your debts; in other words you keep most of your debts but you put them into a […]

Attorney Consultation

Due to my success with Chapter 11 cases, a number of California attorneys with Chapter 11 cases have called me to consult on their cases in order to achieve successful confirmations. This is due to the fact that they are not experienced in Chapter 11 cases and are facing imminent dismissal of their cases if […]