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Testimonial #1: “I just want you to know how much Laura and I appreciate your skill, intellect, and ability in helping us out of an endless battle we have been in for years. I know we aren’t done but today you shined brightly.” Brad S., San Juan Capistrano, CA.


Background: In this case, I was representing an Orange County professional who was being pursued by Bank of America to take all of his professional equipment and seek a deficiency judgment for the balance (about $500,000.) against this client. I stopped Bank of America dead in its tracks–ultimately, the Bank took nothing from my client. It didn’t get the old equipment and it didn’t get any deficiency judgment against my client for any money whatsoever.


Testimonial #2: “You did great! You are amazing. Thank God that he brought us to the right and best lawyer. Me and my family will not forget the name, John Bauer! ” Irineo F., Van Nuys, CA


Background: This was a wonderful client who owned a beautiful personal residence and a number of single family homes in the Southern California area and was faced with losing all of them due to serious rental losses. I filed a Chapter 11 case on his behalf, stopped the foreclosures, reduced the loan balances on each of the business properties, and obtained a Court Order that he and his wife could keep each of their homes.


Testimonial #3: “I would refer you to anyone who needed bankruptcy help! ” Kam Y., Los Angeles, CA


Background: This client was a gentleman who owned an international seminar business in addition to multiple properties in California and Arizona. I filed a Chapter 11 on his behalf, saved his seminar business, and saved a number of his properties with substantial loan reductions on each. He also surrendered a couple of his properties which didn’t make any economic sense, no matter what adjustments we made to the loans. There were no negative financial consequences to him as a result of voluntarily giving back a couple of his properties to the banks.


Testimonial #4: “Well, I need to thank you for your past help as I was able to get confirmation in Garner last month. Believe me, it would not have happened without you. You helped teach me the bigger picture of how to package a deal for the judge, trustee, and creditors. With your help, I was ultimately able to get the U.S. Trustee on board. I always hope to use you in the future as I get new cases.
Mitch A., Attorney, Sacramento, CA.


Background: Mitch was an attorney with a Chapter 11 case which he had filed in the Court of the Presiding Judge of the San Diego Bankruptcy Court. He was having trouble processing this case. In fact, the Judge entered an Order stating that he was going to dismiss the case without substantial progress. Mitch called me and I agreed to associate as an “of counsel” consultant to the case. I explained to him how to run the case, wrote much of the documentation, and provided legal oversight. As a result, Mitch was able to get the case successfully confirmed. This was a wonderful success story.


Testimonial #5: “Attorney John Bauer is the solution to your problem. He is an outstanding attorney as he is extremely knowledgeable and provides superior service. His experience and understanding of how the system works is second to none. ” Lydia T., Reseda, CA


Background: This client owned multiple rental properties in Southern California and was in danger of losing all of them. I filed Chapter 11, stopped the foreclosures, and obtained Court Orders which reduced the value of these properties by approximately $400,000. and substantially reduced the monthly mortgage payments. She was now able to keep all of her properties and maintain them in a profitable fashion.


Let me help you with your debt or property issues. I love reducing loan balances. I love reducing monthly payments. I love helping my clients with their financial issues. I love seeing my clients keep their homes, keep their business properties, and keep their businesses…Call me for a free 1/2 hour consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.