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With Court Approval, I stripped off a $1.0 million loan from a client’s industrial property which reduced the monthly mortgage payment by approximately 40%.


With Court Approval, I “crammed down” a client’s mortgage on one of her rental properties from $625,000. to $380,000. (a $245,000. reduction) which greatly reduced her monthly mortgage payment.


With Court Approval, I obtained an agreement for a client with his home lender to accept past due payments of $50,000. over a 60 month period.


With Court Approval, I rejected a $10,000. monthly lease on a business location for a client so that he could move and no longer have this monthly payment. The client could now profitably operate his remaining business location–without any negative cash flow from the first location.


With Court Approval, I obtained a Court Order that a client could repay her credit line formerly secured on her business property at just 10 cents on the dollar.


With Court Approval, I stripped off a 2nd loan of $410,000. from client’s personal residence so it became completely unsecured, got the lender to reduce its interest rate on its secured 1st loan from 4.5% to 2%, change the amortization schedule from 19 to 30 years, and reduce the payment of this expensive home by $3,000. per month. Now the home is affordable again.


During a court hearing, I met with an IRS Officer and procured an agreement for the IRS to reduce its secured tax claim against my client by $80,000.


With Court Approval, I successfully confirmed a Chapter 11 Plan where my client was able to repay $130,000. in back due payments secured on her principal home over a 77 month period so she could keep this lovely home.


I successfully confirmed a Chapter 11 Plan where my clients were able to reduce the loan balances on their rental properties in Texas, Tennessee, and California in excess of $600,000. so they could keep these properties based upon much more affordable monthly payments.


I stopped the foreclosure of an industrial warehouse, eliminated my client’s personal liability, and negotiated a deal for a reduction of the loan balance with the business lender and agreed for a property sale date two years into the future.