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My name is John Bauer and I specialize in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. I have successfully confirmed virtually 100% of my Chapter 11 cases within the past 6 years. In fact, at this point, I have been so successful on my own cases that many attorneys throughout California are calling me to consult on their Chapter 11 cases. They don’t know how to proceed effectively or the Judge is threatening to dismiss their cases so they call me to help them set things straight and successfully confirm these cases for their clients. I have had great success helping other attorneys to confirm their cases.

Chapter 11 is a very effective way for individuals and companies to reorganize their finances so they can keep their properties and companies rather than give them back to the banks or close their companies. This is the opposite of Chapter 7 where you give in and give up…

This is accomplished by trimming debt and reducing mortgage balances with court permission. Once the court grants your request to reduce your mortgage or debt, the bank must allow you to pay the newly reduced payment or it will be held in contempt of court! And I work out a payment plan as part of the Chapter 11 that you can afford, based upon your budget, that the court approves.

On the other hand, if you wish to give back a property or get out of an expensive lease, for example, without owing the bank any deficiency balance (loan balance less property value), you can do this in Chapter 11. You may be able to pay off any deficiency to the bank for as little as four cents on the dollar, all depending upon your personal or corporate budget.

At four cents on the dollar, for example, you would pay back just $16,000. on a $400,000. deficiency. I typically arrange for these repayments on a 60 month basis so you would end up paying just $267. per month. That’s a really effective way to get rid of a $400,000. debt! This same principle works for properties where you have already given back to the bank.

Here are just a few examples of what we have accomplished for our clients in our Chapter 11 cases—

(1) Stripped a 2nd loan of $1.0 million from a client’s business property with agreement to the bank that he will pay it back 10 cents on the dollar over 60 months ($100,000.) He was then able to refinance the property and pull $600,000. in new cash out of that same property!

(2) Reduced the lease payments of multiple pieces of equipment for a national printing company, in addition to reducing the value of that equipment. As a result, the company’s monthly payments were greatly reduced and it could pay off the leases more quickly.

(3) Stripped a 2nd loan of $410,000. from a client’s personal residence so it became completely unsecured, got the 1st lender to reduce its interest rate from 4.5% to 2%, change the amortization schedule from 19 to 30 years, and reduce the payment of this expensive home by $3,000. per month. Now, she can keep her home as it is now affordable again.

(4) Got the IRS to agree to reduce its secured tax claim against a client by $80,000. after a brief 20 minute meeting in court.

(5) Confirmed a Chapter 11 Plan where my client was able to repay $130,000. in back due payments secured on her principal home over a 77 month period so she could keep this lovely home.

(6) Confirmed a Chapter 11 Plan where my clients were able to reduce the loan balances on their rental properties in Texas, Tennessee, and California in excess of $600,000. so they could now keep these properties because their cash flow would comfortably satisfy the monthly overhead.

Also, here is a sampling of some of the recent testimonials I have received as a practicing Chapter 11 attorney:

“I just want you to know how much Laura and I appreciate your skill, intellect, and ability in helping us out of an endless battle we have been in for years. I know we aren’t done but today you shined brightly.”
-Brad S., San Juan Capistrano CA

“You did great! You are amazing. Thank God that he brought us to the right and best lawyer. Me and my family will not forget the name, John Bauer!”
-Irineo F., Reseda, CA

“I would refer you to anyone who needed bankruptcy help!”
-Kam Y., Los Angeles, CA

“Well, I need to thank you for your past help as I was able to get confirmation in Garner last month. Believe me, it would not have happened without you. You helped teach me the bigger picture of how to package a deal for the judge, trustee, and creditors. With your help, I was ultimately able to get the U.S. Trustee on board. I always hope to use your in the future as I get new cases.”
-Mitch A., Attorney, Sacramento, CA.

If you think that you may need help to protect yourself against potential creditors, call me immediately so that I can fully preserve your legal rights and stop these creditors from harming you in any way.
-John Bauer

Success Stories

In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy,we stripped off a $1.0 million loan from a client’s industrial property which reduced the monthly payments by approximately 40%.

In Chapter 11, we “crammed down” a client’s mortgage on his rental property from $625,000. to $380,000. which greatly reduced her monthly mortgage payment.

We obtained agreements for clients with their home lenders in Chapter 11 bankruptcies to accept repayment of their back due mortgages ($50,000. and $100,000+, respectively) over a 60 month period so they could keep their homes and avoid foreclosure.

In Chapter 11, we rejected a $10,000. monthly lease on a business location for a client so that he no longer had to make this monthly lease payment. The client could now profitably operate his remaining business location–without the negative cash flow from the unduly expensive location.

In Chapter 11, we obtained a court order that a client could repay her credit line formerly secured on her business property at just 10 cents on the dollar.

These are just some of the many things that we have done to assist our clients with their homes, their businesses, and their rental properties.

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